Manufacturers and Companies Represented
Aarding Thermal Acoustics (
Customized vent and exhaust silencers.
Air Monitor Corp
Air Monitor Corp. (
Engineered Systems specifically designed for the Power industry to measure primary, secondary and over-fire air and individual burner air flow. Pf-FLO measures the pulverized coal being transported from a mill to each burner, allowing optimum burner balancing.
Aquatech International (
Engineered water and wastewater treatment systems.
Astech (
A preferred global supplier of low and mid volume steel and wear resistant chrome iron castings. Specializing in the production of steel castings, stainless steel castings, alloy steel castings, gray iron castings, and prototype castings. Casting processes: Green Sand, No-Bake, Shell, Ceramic, Graphite, and ARB. Wear Back Elbow Patch, Cast 8630 Alloy, Heat Treated to 400 BHN, Standard Sizes: 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24 inch diameter elbows.
Band-It (
The World's Leader in Quality Engineered Band Clamping and Fastening Solutions. Shield-Lok Boiler Tube Shield Clamps.
Chicago Tube and Iron
Chicago Tube & Iron (
Quality pressure components, super heaters, economizers, reheaters, panels, generating tubes, with the latest ASME code. CTI carries boiler tube in various grades and lengths for immediate shipment.
Continental Field Systems
Continental Field Systems (
Complete machining, welding and valve repair service. 24-hour emergency service.
Custom Instrumentation Services Corporation (CiSCO) (
Continuous emissions monitoring systems.
Clyde Bergemann
Clyde Bergemann Boiler Efficiency-Atlanta (
Sootblowers, waterlances, sootblower control systems, replacement parts for Diamond Power and original parts for Copes Vulcan.
Clyde Bergemann Air-Gas Handling-Auburn (
FGD and SCR bypass systems, GT exhaust systems, guillotine, butterfly, louver and diverter dampers, stacks and silencers, Metal and Fabric Expansion Joints.
Delta Ducon
Clyde Bergemann Material Handling-Malvern (
Bottom and fly ash systems, SO3 Removal, Trona Injection Systems. Mercury Removal - Activated Carbon Injection Systems, Limestone Handling and Injection.
Clyde Bergemann Air Pollution Control-Hanover (
Precipitators, baghouses, spray dryer absorbers, CDS, CFD Modeling.
Clyde Bergemann Anthony Ross
Clyde Bergemann Energy Recovery-Portland (
Innovative air system solutions for recovery boilers. Unparalleled experience developing air systems to maximize recovery boiler capacity and performance. A full range of recovery boiler combustion optimization devices, including port cleaners and dampers for all air levels, as well as more advanced combustion systems.
Delta Measurement
Delta Measurement
Single Point Carbon Monoxide Monitors. Cost effective design makes it ideal for use in a grid format. It is designed for optimizing combustion. CO measurement is a proven way to inform the plant of combustion conditions.
Dearing Compressor & Pump
Dearing Compressor & Pump (
Fuel Gas Compressor Skids – Both Recip (Ariel) and Rotary Screw (Gardner Denver), Compressed Air Packager – Gardner Denver, MCC/Electrical Enclosures.
Discflo (
Disc Pump Technology for Slurry, Abrasive, Catilever and Waste Water Pumps.
Durag Group
Durag Group (
Mercury and PM Analyzers, Coal to Gas Conversion Projects, Flame Scanners and Igniters.
Environmental Energy Services
Environmental Energy Services (
Specialty testing services for SO3, NH3, Combustion and Acid. EES provides Combustion Efficiency and Emissions Control Compliance Programs.
Fluid Engineering
Fluid Engineering (
Pipeline strainers and accessories.
FS Elliott
FS-Elliott Co., LLC (
Centrifugal air compression systems.
Greyline Instruments
Greyline Instruments (
Ultrasonic Flow Meters and Tank Level Instruments for the FGD Lime Slurry, Gypsum, Dewatering and Waste Water processes.
Hayden Industrial Products
Hayden Industrial Products (
Air Cooled Heat Exchangers.
Integrated Flow Solutions (IFS) (
Fuel gas filtering, heating and conditioning skids. Anhydrous and Aqueous Ammonia skids for SCR applications.
Kansas City Deaerator
Kansas City Deaerator Company (
Kelvion (
Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers, Gasketed and Welded.
Margan Physical Diagnostics Ltd. (
Inspection of high energy piping by quantitative acoustics.
MHT Group
MHT Access Services Inc. (
Rope access inspection and maintenance.
MOGAS Industries, Inc. (
Severe service ball valves.
Neptune Chemical Pump Co. (
Metering pumps and chemical feed systems.
Paragon Airheater Technologies (
Custom airheater seals and components, airheater servicing, rebuilding of airheaters. Air leakage testing and consulting.
PIC Group
PIC Group, Inc (
Non-Union Outage Support. Superintendents, General Foremen, Skilled Craft Workers (Millwrights, Boilermakers, Tube Welders, Etc…). Operations & Maintenance, Turbine Outage Support, Commissioning & Start-Up, Mechanical Services.
Pinnacle Actuation
Pinnacle Actuation (
Providing high quality, cost effective motor-operated valve (MOV) actuator products and services. Large inventory of spare parts for Limitorque actuators including the SM, SMA, SMB, SMC and HBC products.
Precision Instrument Company (
Pressure and temperature instruments - stainless steel gauges, process gauges, liquid filled gauges.
Pro-Line Water Screen Services, Inc. (
New traveling water screens, parts manufacturing, rebuild/repair service, unit retrofitting, updating and field service.
Sentry Equipment
Sentry Equipment/Waters Equipment (
Water and Steam Sampling Systems, Sample Coolers.
Shawndra Products
Shawndra Products, Inc. (
Air, gas, compressor, blower and turbine filters, ASME code vessels, coalescing filters, lube oil filters, desiccant filters.
South Tek Systems
South-Tek Systems (/
Nitrogen generators.
Stellar (
Design and supply of turbine inlet air chilling systems, filter house retrofits, water quality analysis, thermal storage solutions, chilled fuel by waste heat.

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